Meet The Team

Our Mission:

  • Volunteers delivering affordable, nutritious meals and providing social contact
    with community members.

Board of Directors & Officers

President Raul Rodriguez (2019)
Vice President Ethel Rogers (2020)
Secretary Dorothy Whitham (2021)
Treasurer Robert Rogers (2019)
Class of 2019 Dick Newton
Judy Rascon
Raul Rodriguez
Robert Rogers
Cathy Stewart
Class of 2020 Lydia Bouroumand
Waffa Chaar
Barbara Gonzalez
Caprice O’Connell
Ethel Rogers
Class of 2021 Margie Beal
Don Brown
Dorothy Whitham
Ron Wolff
Billing Robert Rogers
Intake Ginny Schirripa
Routing Cathy Stewart
Volunteer Coordinator Barbara Gonzalez
Supplies Ginny Schirripa
Information Technology  Robert Rogers
Facebook:  Claremont Meals on Wheels
Mailing Address: Oak Tree Lodge,
845 E. Bonita, Pomona, CA  91767
Phone: (909) 621-4018